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Sapphire™ Residential System


Designed for use in residential and light commercial installations, the Sapphire™ Germicidal Air Purification System purifies air and rids it of the most persistent illness-causing germs and allergies. It can be used for both coil and air stream disinfection.

The Sapphire™ produces ultraviolet energy with a wavelength of 254 nanometers, the most lethal to microorganisms. As air passes through the Sapphire™ system, the UV radiation instantly kills existing airborne microbes or renders them incapable of reproducing by disrupting the cell DNA.

A high-output UVC fixture, the Sapphire™ is offered in one- and two-lamp configurations in lengths of 14, 16 and 24 inches to fit a variety of airflow rates and coil and duct configurations. One fixture in the return air duct and one on the coil will provide adequate UV sterilization in the average home.

Available in multiple configurations of single- and dual-lamp fixtures, the Sapphire UV germicidal system also is easy to install. All that's needed is an assessment of square footage requirements and the proper placement and number of lamps to ensure complete UV germicidal air purification. System operation is economical and virtually maintenance-free, requiring only one lamp change for a year's air purification.

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