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Make Certain Your Practice Provides a Sterile Environment


With the various illnesses brought into a physician's office each day, a germicidal air purification system is essential to ensuring a sterile environment for you, your patients and staff. A variety of products and services are available through UVtronics to create and maintain this sterile environment.

A basic package involves the installation of germicidal lamps inside the ducts of your heating and air conditioning system.

This provides continual purification as air is re-circulated throughout your facility. Germicidal lamps will not only eliminate the most persistent illness causing germs, but they can also lower your energy costs. Organic buildup on the coils of your HVAC system cause the unit to work harder to maintain a desired temperature. Germicidal UV eliminates and prevents this organic buildup allowing for optimum heat transfer and net cooling capacity. In-duct systems can pay for themselves in just a short period of time and lower your energy costs thereafter.


Our Upper Room Irradiators are ideal for patient waiting areas. The fan assisted TB 36-2 purifies the air six to eight times per hour in up to a 1000 square foot room, eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria as they are brought in by patients.

Also available is our new Mobile Sterilization Service. Using high powered Mobile Eradicators, UVtronics can now sterilize a sizeable room in just minutes. The Mobile Eradicators utilize direct sterilization which eliminates both airborne and non-airborne pathogens. This service can be provided on a monthly or weekly basis to meet your specific needs. We are able to sterilize designated areas, such as treatment rooms, or your entire facility.

UVtronics offers a variety of other products and services. Please contact us to find out how we can help your practice maintain a germ free and healthy environment.



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