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Mold or Cold


Do you have Allergies or a Cold?

The most common symptoms associated with allergens include the following: cold/flu-like symptoms, nasal stuffiness, neck pain, wheezing, headaches at the base of the skull, fatigue, eye irritation, and the inability to concentrate.

Obviously, these symptoms are the same or similar to cold / flu symptoms. The evidence is whether the nasal secretions are clear or colored. Allergens produce thin, clear secretions where as colored secretions (usually green or yellow) usually indicate a viral ailment (cold/flu).

Mold allergies are caused by mold spores. Mold is a natural occurrence in nature. Molds can be found wherever there is moisture, oxygen, and certain other chemicals. In these conditions, mold spores germinate, causing millions of new spores to be air-borne. Each new spore can then create a new colony and release millions of additional spores. A check of the local TV News Allergy Report will show you the current level of mold spores in the air. The count is extremely high during humid weather conditions.

Molds can survive in subfreezing temperatures, and therefore cause allergies in even the coldest climates due to the year-round invasion. Eventually, the inhalation of these spores trigger some or all of the allergic reactions outlined above in even the healthiest individuals. Children and the elderly, as well as individuals with respiratory conditions, face the greatest risk.

Mold spores are so small they can evade the protective mechanisms of the nose and throat and reach the lungs. These inhaled mold spores contain mycotoxins that are absorbed into your bloodstream. As these toxins build up, they begin to cause headaches (particularly at the base of the skull),  neck pain, shoulder discomfort, as well as muscle and joint pain. Individuals who take antihistamines (allergy medication) can still have these problems caused by breathing in these toxins.

Regular use of UVtronics' products can significantly reduce symptoms and dramatically increase air quality. UVtronics' products can alleviate both allergy and cold problems as well as other air-borne germs (i.e.: Influenza (Flu), Tuberculosis (TB), Staph). Using ultraviolet light, these products also kill bacteria and mold spores by purifying and sanitizing the air that you breathe. With the use of these products, exposure to harmful particles is minimized during indoor activities and while you sleep.



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