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Introducing UVtronics Mobile Sterilization Service


Using high output Mobile Eradicators, UVtronics can now sterilize a sizable room in a matter of minutes. The Mobile Eradicators quickly rid the area of harmful microorganisms, halting reproduction and minimizing the potential for infectious disease.

This service is ideal for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers and Schools where contaminants are spread quickly among people. Outbreaks of Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, MRSA and Influenza are very difficult to contain in highly populated areas. UVtronics Mobile Sterilization Service can help control the proliferation of an outbreak by effectively sterilizing specific areas, thus limiting the possibility of further contamination.

The Mobile Eradicators utilize direct sterilization which eliminates both airborne and non-airborne pathogens. Non-airborne pathogens which can cause Hepatitis, Meningitis and other disease are only affected by the use of direct sterilization. UVtronics does offer direct sterilization fixtures, but in settings where the installation of these fixtures may not be practical (Schools, Nursing Homes, Day Cares), UVtronics Mobile Sterilization Service is an effective alternative.


Buying a House?

Our Mobile Sterilization Service can ensure that your new home is free from harmful molds, bacteria and viruses that you may not realize are present.

Having a Baby?

Give your little one a healthy start! Persistent illness causing viruses, bacteria and mold may exist in your household without your knowledge. Our Mobile Service can eliminate these harmful microorganisms before you bring your new baby home. You can be sure you are providing the healthiest environment possible for the new addition to your family.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing.



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